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International Beauty Queen brings desperately needed school supplies to Dominican Republic Orphans.

August 16, 2011 -- Hijuey, Dominican Republic-- Only a week after being crowned Mrs. Galaxy International 2012, Kellie Lightbourn is already hard at work helping those in need around the world.

After hearing about the orphans at El Mundo Mejor Orphanage in Hijuey, Dominican Republic the newly crowned beauty planned a humanitarian visit with her family and friends. Once they arrived in Hijuey, Lightbourn and her friend Deb Kellis wasted no time piling their shopping carts full of pants, shirts, shoes, belts, and back packs for all the orphans. Their mission to supply the orphans with everything they need to start their first week of school. "Every kid loves starting school with new clothes and supplies, " stated Mrs. Galaxy International. "I want them to be excited about school!"

And excited they were. Within moments of the beauty queen entering the orphanage, the boys were grinning from ear to ear. It felt like Christmas, as the boys grabbed their sizes. " It was so fun to see them sporting around with their new race car back packs, " smiled Lightbourn. "It's times like these that remind us to appreciate the little things. I feel so humbled and blessed to be able to help these great kids." But, this is not the first time Lightbourn has helped kids in need. In fact, she has committed her life to helping kids volunteering and serving on the board of directors for countless children's charities in the United States. As Mrs. Galaxy International 2012, Lightbourn hopes to broaden her circle of help by inspiring others to lend a hand to those in need, like her new young friends in Hijuey.

Their orphanage bears the name "El Mundo Mejor which means A Better World. And thanks to the generous support of visitors like Lightbourn and Kellis the kids are proof that kindness does create a better world. The orphanage is run by care keepers Carlos Espiritusantos and his wife Ernestina Silvestre. Most of the children housed at El Mundo Mejor Orphanage have been abandoned by their parents. But here they have a chance to be part of a loving family. The younger children are schooled on the premises and the older ones attend school in Higuey. Apart from academic studies the children are taught moral values with discipline and affection to put them on the straight path for their journey into adulthood. The orphanage exists through donations from residents and tourists. Its inspiring to know there are people who give their time and financial resources to help these kids.

To see more photos of the orphanage or to learn how you can help visit www.kellielightbourn.com or Mrs. Galaxy Facebook Page --- Kellie Lightbourn- Mrs. Galaxy International 2012.

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