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National Humane Society

At our shelter, our kittens and cats interact with other kittens or cats, along with volunteers and potential parents. We do not lock them up in cages, and this allows you and them to have a more comfortable and relaxed enviornment.

When you bring home a new friend, remember that he or she may be scared and unaccustomed to the dramatic change from shelter to home and therefore may act differently. If at one point in the shelter it had acted adorable and purred in your lap, it may run and hide. Depending on the cat, it could take anywhere from a day or two, to weeks, maybe a few months, but in the end, it will be worth it. You will have a companion to love, and that makes getting through the adjustment worth it.

Adoption Advice

Taking home

When you take home your new kitten/cat, be sure you have a carrier.

Be prepared, if you don't have a littler box handy for as soon as you arrive at your home, be sure to talk to the representative who you have gone through the adoption procedures with, and purchase a litter box and food if needed.

Be calm and gentle. The cat is being taken away from what it has grown accustomed to, and therefore needs time to adapt. Do not try to rush it into anything drastic and allow it the space it needs to get situated.

Allow it to roam your home freely. Exploration of its new enviornment is healthy for the cat and will let it find a "safe zone" just be sure you know where that "safe zone" is for future ability in locating your cat.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee's range in price for each cat or kitten. Generally, kittens will be around $75 and cats will be around $50-65.

There are all sorts of cats and kittens and depending on the breed, they may have slightly higher or lower adoption fee's.