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Over the last decade, we've been working hard with other rescue organizations to decrease the number

of animals euthanized each year, one life at a time. We try our hardest to keep the prices affordable for

the general public.

Myths about spay/neuter

Some people believe that spaying or neutering their pet will change their pets personality. The only truth in that is that it may decrease aggressiveness, which is a good thing. The personality however is mainly decided by its genetics, attention and training it recieves.

Many people share the common misconception that females have a sweeter, gentler personality if they have one litter before getting spayed. Behavioral researchers and clinical observations have yet to prove this and many animal behaviorists label this as what can be described as "the placebo effect". The owner would expect something- like a behavior change, and the expectation leads to the assumption that the behavior did indeed improve.A common thought is that neutered pets become obese. Although sometimes this could be true, the simple way to avoid this is by monitoring your pets diet along with giving regular excercise and attention.

Why spaying and neutering is beneficial to your DOG?

The risk for testicular cancer and other testicular diseases is eliminated after neutering a male dog.An un-neutered male dog has a desire to roam and tends to be aggressive towards other dogs. After neutering, those desires usually diminish and he becomes a more contented stay-at-home companion and faces less of a threat of wandering into the path of an automobile or being in fierce fights with other dogs.Spaying a female before her first heat cycle protects her against mammary tumors and other reproductive tract diseases, however these benefits only occur if she gets spayed early in her life.

Why spaying and neutering is beneficial to your CAT?

In female cats, similar to female dogs, spaying protects from mammary tumors, providing a lifesaving benefit.Heat cycles for cats is a very difficult thing to deal with. Constant vocalizing, bad temperment, and her attempts to attract males could irritate you and your neighbors. After being spayed, a female usually becomes calm and content because she would no longer have recurring heat cycles.Male cats which haven't been neutered are likely to spray urine with strong, offensive odor after they reach maturity. They also would be prone to have violent fights with other males which could lead to serious injuries. After being neutered, these problems would be reduced, and possibly stop altogether.